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Expert Assistance for Legal Aid Providers with all matters Legal Aid
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MG legal solutions, MG legal aid, legal aid tender specialist Mark Gaskell

“I am dedicated to achieving fairness for you in your dealings with the Legal Aid Agency.  I will utilise my 30+ years experience as a Senior Legal Advisor in the Legal Aid Agency to fully protect your interests.”

– Mark Gaskell

Maximising Your Working Relationship with the Legal Aid Agency is Our Priority

Mark Gaskell solicitor, MG Legal solutions, legal aid tenders, legal aid contracting

Mark Gaskell is a qualified solicitor with over 30 years experience as a Senior Legal Advisor in the Legal Aid Agency. He has substantial experience over all aspects of the Legal Aid Agency’s operations including casework, systems, the Agency’s Standard Contracts with Providers and procurements. 

Mark has been involved in both the development and management of the Standard Contracts for almost 20 years and is an expert in their operation.

He is able to advise on all aspects of the contractual dispute resolution processes up to and including formal review, both written and in front of the Contract Review Body.

Mark can challenge most aspects of Legal Aid Agency contract decisions.  Please contact us for advice or signposting.

Primary Practice Areas

 legal aid sanctions, legal aid reviews, challenging legal aid vendor holds

Assistance with Legal Aid Tenders

We will take your instructions and guide you end to end through the process of tendering for a Legal aid contract.

how to tender for a legal aid contract, legal aid tendering service, legal aid contract breaches,

Expert Legal Aid Contract Training

A detailed walk through the Contracts minimising the potential for disputes with the Legal Aid Agency and freeing up fee earning time

help with legal aid billing, legal aid internal dispute resolution, legal aid informal reconsiderations

Legal Aid contract disputes resolution

If you find yourself in dispute with the Legal Aid Agency we can assist with resolution utilising our expert knowledge of their contract with you.

Need help with your Legal Aid Tender submission?

MG Legal Solutions offer expert assistance with the Legal Aid Tendering Service process providing an end to end service, leaving you free to concentrate on your clients.  We gather the required information from you and submit it in the best possible light to ensure success.

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Novations of Legal Aid Contracts

Novations of Legal Aid Contracts

Clause 22 of the Standard Contracts Standard Terms - NOVATIONS by Legal Aid Contracts Expert Mark GaskellWe are experts in all aspects of Clause 22 of the Standard Contracts Standard Terms. In fact, Mark Gaskell wrote the original Guidance on the topic which is still...

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